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Açái do sul (Juçara Seeds)

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Juçara (Euterpe Edulis) is the sister species of Açaí. It has the nickname Açái do sul in Brazil, or Açai of the south, because of its hardiness in colder weather.

Traditionally grown for palm hearts production, it is gaining popularity as an anti-oxidant rich and nutritious fruit producer. Euterpe Edulis produces a dark purple berry, as potent as açai.  Some enthusiasts claim it is more potent. There are important projects developing this as a cash crop in the south of Brazil and also promoting the species as a garden plant for health benefits. In a short time açai production has been replicated by enthusiasts.  Jussara like Açai is also grown for the harvesting of the palm heart.  The species are similar in appearance and can cross pollinate.  

Cold Hardiness

Our seeds are collected from southern Brazil in Santa Catarina, where unlike the tropical amazon, there are distinct seasons. Coconuts and the traditional açai aren’t common in this region because of the cool weather that can persist for weeks and rare frosts.  It is a must try in climates like Sydney, Australia and southern Europe.

It is also better adapted for higher elevations. We have seeds from the highlands, a quite different location than the Amazon estuary that gives us the regular acai 

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